Time is running out! We need to get back to a calm, temperate climate, so let's sign up!

Call for European action to implement real climate treatment by coordinating carbon agencies in each European country as proposed on www.cequic.eu

We, the citizens of Europe, want a temperate climate!

Scientists (IPCC, Copernicus, GCP, IPSL, etc.) assure us that the condition for humanity's survival is a return to planetary limits before 2050 (we are currently consuming two planets per year) and that we need to start with greenhouse gases: we need to reduce the planet's anthropogenic emissions (emissions of human origin) from the current 54 Gt CO2e to less than 15 or 20 in 2050.

All means are good to go from 9t to 2t/year of CO2e...

The best for many experts is the carbon account mechanism, which proposes allocating to all citizens an annual budget of Ͼ carbon points to 'pay' for the carbon content of all purchases of products and services, an allocation renewed each year with 6% less to reach 2t by 2050. A complementary Ͼ carbon currency of sorts.

Other means are welcome too.

The carbon account is primarily aimed at decarbonisation by businesses under pressure from consumers and comparative carbon labelling.

The initiative :

With this initiative, the European Commission is invited to put in place in the Member States a process of Generalised States.

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